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"Today is the day, so let's enjoy the power of now".

Location: Mexico City

mobile: +52 (55) 23 01 60 28

skype: genarosalgado

Graduated from the ITESM-CCM University with a Communication & Filmmaker degree, Genaro started up his carreer working as a first Assistant Director in the most prestigious production companies during the 90’s in Mexico. Always curious about the creative work, a bit of time later he decided to enhance his expierience in advertising agencies.


Working for almost a decade in worldwide advertising agencies as a Creative Director, Genaro’s portfolios constantly earned creative awards in several international festivals such as LIAA, CLIO, FIAP, The New York Festivals among others; for brands like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, General Motors, Nestlé, Cervecería Cuauthemoc Moctezuma, Kellogg’, Mcdonald’s, The Coca Cola Company, Johnnie Walker, MTV, Burger King and Metlife just to mention some of them. 


Thinking always in a possible way to mix the creative and production experience, Genaro oficially returned in 2005 to the visual production market  as an Advertising Director for TV spots and visual contents. Since then his works include clients such as Nestlé, Pepsico, Teletón, Jumex, MTV,  Mcdonald’s, Danone, Comex, Toyota, Tetra Pak, Telmex  and Liverpool among many others. 


As a contemporary “Storyteller”; Genaro beleives that the most important element to consider on screen is the ideas "core" & "the creative insight"  to comummunicate in every project.

Genaro's background as a Creative Director provides him with experience to succesfully merge advertising skills with visual assets to narrate the appropiate language for advertising, TV series, Content  Media & Web Campaigns. His experience and sensibility points him as an specialist for directing actors on scene.